1. Smartlock with multiple ways to securely lock and unlock your front door.

    Does it use your fingerprint for entry? Yes.

    Can you unlock it remotely? Absolutely.

    Will it automatically lock and unlock when you and your phone are near? Definitely.

    Should you add it to your cart right now? Without a doubt.

    finetch, ecommerce, smart home, tech

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    Customer Review : "I needed a way for my son to get into the house after school without the risk of losing a key. Plus, carrying too many keys myself is a hassle. I wasn’t keen on using a code that could be seen or shared, so the fingerprint reader was the perfect solution. Installation was easy, setup required minimal effort, and the operation is smooth and precise. I love that we can lock the door with just a button when we leave. It's quick and works flawlessly. To get in, simply scan your finger (or thumb, in my case) and enter. I found scanning my thumb sideways to be the most comfortable. This device can store over a hundred prints, so everyone in the family can use it with ease."

    Get it from AliExpress, Temu or Jumia for $80 (available with or without a Wi-Fi) adapter).

    2. A very cool Nixplay Smart Digital Picture Frame

    To curate a rotation of your favorite photos and albums. It lets designated users upload photos to it from anywhere in the world.

    finetch, ecommerce, smart home, tech
    Get it from AliExpressTemu or Jumia for $50

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    3. A Wi-Fi-enabled light switch 

    A Wi-Fi-enabled light switch you can control from your phone, Alexa, or Google Assistant.  Literally you can be in bed and say "Alexa, turn the lights off," and BOOM. It's done.

    finetch, ecommerce, smart home, tech

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    Customer Review : "I bought this switch for the bedroom so my fiancé and I wouldn't have to get out of bed to turn off the overhead lights. Once I realized the installation instructions were on the Kasa App, wiring it into our switch box was a breeze. Setting it up with our Amazon Alexa units was equally simple. Additionally, I watched a YouTube video that demonstrated the installation process."

    Get it from AliExpressTemu or Jumia for Less than $12

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